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Photo of Young Quilters' work

Young Quilters group which had produced wonderful work for over 14 years. Children who joined us for the very first workshops have since gone on to become university graduates, and parents! We held regular Young Quilter’s workshops, where the children make beautiful gifts, often to coincide with seasonal celebrations including Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, popular bag making, cushions and small projects.

We ran the workshops following guidelines set up by the Young Quilters section of ‘The Quilters Guild of the British Isles’. Children were encouraged to join the guild and access the very informative YQ webpage. The Quilters Guild has now increased the age of members to 18 years old. There is a new 'YoungishQuilters' blog at to access The Young Quilters webpage for more information.

Click here to access The Young Quilters webpage for more information.

No current YQ workshops are planned at present....any comments can be made at.... page.

Our Young Quilters even made the cover for The Southern Star - Region Three Newsletter for the Quilters Guild.

Southern Star Cover

Young Quilters' Gallery


Quilted bird and leaf border

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